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August First Monday MDAG Demo Artist

Monday, August 3, 2020 @ 7 PM

Beckah Krahula

Meditative Art as a Tool for the Artist - Download PDF

Beckah Krahula is a Mixed Media Artist, International Speaker and Teacher, licensed artist, CZT and best-selling Author of One Zentangle(TM) A Day, 500 Tangles Artworks, and Tangled Journey. Beckah’s studio is in Houston Texas, she has taught nationally and internationally for many years. Beckah’s passion is in creating art, studying, using and teaching art and mediums found throughout history, bridging the best art techniques from the historical to modern worlds to her classes, creating unique paints and inks she uses and develops for her own work, inventing her own innovative art products, and onsite and online classes.

"I am honored to be joining you on August 3, 2020 for a zoom meeting. As a studio Artist I have spent much of my life in my studio, so any and all tips for enhancing or empowering that studio time always get my attention. In 2010 I was introduced to a meditative art form called Zentangle. Zentangle is a powerful tool that has helped me be far more productive with my time in the studio. Tangling can but an artist in the Zone in five to ten minutes. When we are in the Zone we are working with our knowledge, intuition and instinct as one. While in the Zone we work more accurately, quickly and are far more aware of the creative opportunities that unfold as we work, thus our work reflects our inner style and vision.


I hope you will pick up an 01 drawing pen, a F or #2 pencil, your sketchbook and a piece of drawing paper cut or torn into a 3.5’ x 3.5’ piece of paper."

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