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Jane Morgan

Artist Bio:

Jane Morgan has lived in Oklahoma City since she was 3 years old, with her artistic mother and a DYI father it’s no wonder she has been drawing and painting since she was 2 years old.  As an adult Jane has shown her creative talents in landscape & interior design, stained glass design, and fine arts. 

Being mostly self taught until her 20's, Jane has painted under the instruction of Richard Geitz and Dennis Parker, along with numerous workshops in different media.

Jane strives for the painting to speak to her spirit through the subject and bold colors, but mostly for the viewer who will enjoy the painting for years to come.

Artist Statement:

Thoughts behind an Artistic Series;. "UNSPEAKABLE JOY"  The pets in our lives gives us great joy, peace, and unconditional love.  It is that unspeakable spiritual connection we have with our pets that I want to share through my art with everyone. 


By painting animals in an impressionistic style, using the boldest acrylics, it brings smiles and laughter to everyone. 

In all my original paintings is the same spiritual connection, it joyfully flow's through me onto the canvas.  It is this connection I hope others can see and feel in all my work.


Sales & Commissions contact:

Jane Morgan

405-820-3333  call or text

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