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Susan Schmidt

Susan Schmidt 20170602_150711.jpg

Susan Schmidt has been painting in oils on canvas since age 13, acrylic on canvas since adulthood and oil on porcelain since 2005. 


Expressing my passions, be it with painting, still photography, videography, sewing, environmental activism, collaborating with my husband on numerous projects, or working to ensure political fairness and integrity, my talents as an artist have improved the outcomes of the majority of projects in my career, hobbies, and social endeavors. 


With our democracy, the environment, and life itself at stake in these difficult times, we each must put our talents, art or otherwise, to the task of becoming better informed and involved.  And then take action to improve the world for everyone.


Painting animals which are a favorite subject has in the past two years evolved into a way to call attention to environmental concerns.  These concerns threaten quality of life for current and future generations as well as the animals and plants which function as the preverbal “canary in the mine”.  Many of the environmental paintings such as the German Shephard wading through Hurricane flood waters titled “Climate Change Coming To A Home Near You” are painted on 4-foot wide stretched canvases.  The series “Animals In Peril” are generally painted on 12x12 inch  stretched canvas with the exception of the Jaguar which was painted on 12x16 inch porcelain tile and fired in a kiln.  The painting “Superheroes Vote” encourages concerned citizens to get involved in the decision making process.

DSC00419 - Jaguar.JPG
MLK Superheroes Vote 20180806_145654.jpg
Global Warming Coming 2 A Home Near You
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